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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What age can you really start playing Crown Green Bowls?   


A: There is NO lower age to play. In fact there are players as young as seven playing in League matches. 


Q: Is there an upper age limit to join a club or play?


A: No! There is no maximum age to join a club. There are several members in their 90's still very active in their clubs.



Q: What does it cost to join a Crown Green Bowling club?


A: This differs from club to club, but on average would be around £20 per year, however there are usually very low fees for junior members.



Q: What special clothing is required to play?


A: Other than flat sole footwear, there are no special clothes require to play until the player enters match play, then clubs require a collared shirt (such as a polo shirt) and ordinary grey or black trousers.  Ladies may wear either skirt or trousers and club shirt.  



Q: Am I required to buy bowls to play?


A: No! In fact it is recommended that you use club bowls until you find the best weight bowl for you. Often players continue using club bowls for quite some time for various reasons.



Q: When I'm ready to buy bowls, how much do they cost?


A: Prices vary widely from different manufacturers and from used to new, but a good average would be around £65 for a pair, which with normal use, should last very many years.